Precise StaffThe staff at PRECISE SAFETY & Consulting, Inc. is dedicated to serving its customers with friendly, precise and honest advice relative to your transportation business.  Our DOT experts, retired from the Texas Department of Public Safety with over 50 combined years of experience in the safety industry, are always at the ready to assist you with your compliance issues. 

From safety meetings, truck inspections, file auditing and drug and alcohol programs, to dealing with the various Federal and State Regulatory Agencies, we work to make your company more efficient and DOT less confusing.  See what some of our customers have said;

“PRECISE SAFETY is such an asset to us. Their knowledge is unrivaled when it comes to staying in compliance with the law.”

“We are a better company because, with PRECISE SAFETY, we KNOW we are safety oriented and operating within the parameters of the law.”

“What PRECISE SAFETY is doing is impressive and they can respond to questions…”

All transportation companies, large and small alike, have to have a safety department.  PRECISE SAFETY & Consulting, Inc. is a one-stop-shop built and designed to fit the needs of your company.