PRECISE SAFETY & Consulting, Inc. is your local transportation industry safety specialist, serving Southeast Texas.  We have expert consultants that deal with the rules and regulations found in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR's), Texas Transportation Code, and TAC. Since 1989, the transportation industry has been regulated by the Federal Government by FMCSR's.  Each year new regulations are passed and adopted, current regulations are made more stringent, and seldom (if ever) are any of them relaxed.  The evolution of "The Regulations" through the years has caused trucking to be one of the most regulated industries in North America. We at PRECISE SAFETY & Consulting, Inc. take pride in keeping our clients in compliance with these regulations and up to date with all of the new ones.  Although we work to get clients ready for a compliance review, our major goal is to help them not get audited.  Our experts focus and spend extra time with company drivers and vehicles, because most, if not all, audits are generated from random roadside CVSA inspections where issues and violations are detected and reported.

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